19,200 sf
Indianapolis, IN

Tenant Representation - Renewal

Tubelite leased 19,200 SF of office-warehouse space in Park 100 at a time when vacancy rates were at record lows.  It happened to be during the middle of a Global Pandemic when the industrial market remained healthy and strong.  Tubelite had no desire of relocating to a new facility but still wanted to create the proper leverage in negotiating a lease renewal with the existing Landlord.


“I was extremely pleased with the outcome of this lease renewal. Adam was able to save us thousands of dollars off our base rent, plus he was able to negotiate a TI package that allowed us to update our space. Most importantly, he gave us the peace of mind that we were receiving a more than fair deal.”

- John Myklusch, CFO

Case Study


Thanks to John Myklusch, CFO, Tubelite was proactive in evaluating their real estate lease for their Indianapolis operation.  John engaged Adam Stephenson to assist with the lease renewal process.  By taking a proactive approach, Adam was able to identify an alternative space in the market with a competing Landlord, which was similar in size & in location.  Adam utilized this alternative space in the market to create the adequate leverage, to negotiate the best possible deal terms with the existing Landlord, for the client.  



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