39,200 sf
Indianapolis, IN

Tenant Representation

CTG International (North America) Inc. leased a 32,000 sf warehouse space in Park 100 and received a 20% rental rate increase from their existing Landlord on their renewal proposal. They quickly decided to engage Adam Stephenson to help with evaluating the market. Adam and his team were able to identify a handful of potential options and ended up settling on a sublease opportunity, which is in close proximity to their existing facility.


“We, CTG NA, are very appreciative of Adam Stephenson’s long time support over the past year. We historically have not used a Tenant Rep broker in the past, however, without Adam’s professional knowledge and hard work, we could not have made it by ourselves. And the most professional thing he did was continuously guide us to prepare us for the relocation, as it was very complicated. We became friends by the end of the transaction as well.”

- Bob Zhang, President CTG NA

Case Study

CTG International


Due to the substantial increase from their existing Landlord, Allies Commercial Realty advised the client to evaluate the market. This would allow the client to create the necessary leverage, no matter if they decided to stay in their current space or relocate to a new facility. Because they took the necessary action to evaluate the market, we were able to get their current Landlord to reduce their starting rent by over 10% but more importantly, we were able to identify a sublease opportunity, where we were able to negotiate an even better deal for the client.



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